Introducing DartSight

DartSight --the revolutionary new darts training-aid

"align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory for your action

This is not a gimmick.  Its a serious attempt to help align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory for your action that let's you focus on all the other aspects of the game. We really think we have discovered something very useful and so are now offering it to the Darting Community.
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Improve Your Game with DartSight

DartSight is the revolutionary new training aid that can change the way you practice and the way your game is played.

At its most fundamental level, success at darts is about accuracy and consistency.

And that starts with an action that is perfectly aligned. Practicing perfectly with DartSight is designed to give you both accuracy and consistency.
Whether it's a Ton-Eighty, Bulls-Eyes or double-out you are looking for,

with DartSight.....What You See is What You HIT!

The DartSight Device

DartSight is a small plastic device comprising a twistable push-fit sighter that seats onto a split ring designed to fit any finger
International Patent application No. PCT/DK2013/050325 
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Retailing at £3.00 including VAT plus PP

Using DartSight

DartSight fits snuggly on your finger and helps you develop a greater level of accuracy on a more consistent basis

DartSight-Sighter twists to accommodate any finger-angle on either hand


   left hand              right hand

Aiming Position with the Dominant Eye

Let's start with what you should see, -- your target through the sighter

Here's what you should see with your dominant eye when you line-up DartSight with your target, e.g., the bulls-eye 

Note: In this example, DartSight is on middle-finger to keep it away from index-finger for pencil-grip

To train your brain to use your dominant eye, and to make the image clearer and less confusing, we suggest putting a patch over the non-dominant eye for some of your initial practice sessions

DartSight Anchors Your Aiming Position and Lines-up Your Launch and Follow-Through

The easiest way to start using DartSight is with your own action to anchor your aiming position

The idea is to train your muscle memory, more perfectly.  After guided practice, take off the DartSight and you should have a more accurate and reproducible throw

Whichever action you use, DartSight can help make it the same every time (see our Video Demonstrations on the next page)

(Watch the video)

Aim, return, push-up through the aiming position, launch the dart along its natural parabolic path to the target, and follow-through, --all in line 

DartSight Methodology 

For more information check out our new DartSight Methodology Handbook and more of our on-line "How To" videos .....(coming soon), includes:

  • Practicing Perfectly
  • Fundamentals: An Overview --From the End to the Beginning
  • Using DartSight with Your Existing Action
  • The DartSight Action
  • Alignment is Everything
  • Training with the Dominant-Eye
  • BrainWorks for Darts
  • Various Exercises like,

    • Line up, pull back, return
    • Keep your Target in your Sight(er)

With DartSight, What You See is What You HIT! 

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Retailing at £3.00 including VAT plus PP

We are DartSight....

David and Stuart Needham

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